We render no charges and finance the recovery actions ourselves, deducting only external disbursements and sharing the proceeds of recovered funds with our clients.

Experience in operating through SPV’s, specialized legal entities to manage debt recovery, isolating your debt recovery issue from the rest of your financial portfolio.

Our Strategy


Gathering a composite picture of the target, our team construct a bespoke strategy drawing on a deep and wide global, legal and intelligence network. We ascertain the legal and factual matrix to enable us to recover expeditiously as possible.

What we provide


Net recoveries to our clients instead of bills.

Comprehensive report, covering a well-thought-out analysis and reasoned view of the given target.

Collection of the debts owed to you in the shortest possible time in multiple legal jurisdictions through capable investigative and legal teams.

The capacity to trace the target with intelligence and rise to the challenge of a full recovery of funds through complex cross-border situations.

Specialised commercial collection of high-value debt involving complex contractual default by people and companies who have forgotten to settle or deliberately evaded their responsibility.

Negotiation of settlements before the inception or completion of court proceedings between parties with common interests.

Coverage across every aspect of complicated debt recovery from pre-action collection through to high court enforcement.

An established track record with 60 years’ experience in collecting debts from some of the most challenging regions in the world.