As challenge-led debt recovery specialists, we take on the worrisome and time-consuming burden of high-value debt collection the intelligent way. 

A few of our successes are:

Professional Lender’s Dilemma

Faced with significant debt due by a colourful businessman who died in suspicious and confused circumstances, the professional lender was in the process of closing the book in the country in question. It no longer wished to trade in that country and had no budget or appetite for legal action. A full recovery was made within a short period.

High-end Luxury Vehicle Reposession

The borrower had given false information as to his residence, solvency, bank accounts and many aspects of his life. The primary debtor was a deceased shell company. We had to effect service of process in Malta issuing out of Guernsey, on a man with an official Maltese residency but no real address, and then cross enforce in England, at an address which the debtor denied ownership of. Debtor had to be lured out from behind his security, served with the second and third actions and then utilising information provided by informants, we were able to direct the Sheriffs to significant assets which he held. Full face value received.